Module 1 – (:24 mins) Running Modeler/Connecting Data Sources

In this 24 minute course, we will cover:
  • Discuss how data are now strategic assets and how a serious data science gap is developing.
  • Point out that data science ROI remains a serious challenge.
  • Discuss that self-service Machine Learning is likely to be a fast growth wave and it is a great time to be an analyst.
  • Discuss what IBM SPSS Modeler is, why it is powerful, and how it can enable an analytics culture/discipline.
  • Focus on discovering "Useful Variance" to enable informed business action.
  • Open Modeler and discuss workbench approach.
  • Review the node tabs and discuss creating, saving, reusing, and organizing streams.
  • Connect data sources, define and instantiate fields (using Type node), create table outputs, and export transactional data to non-SPSS data source.
  • Create Supernode.


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SPSS Modeler On-Demand Training - Module One